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About Us

Rivers Edge Waterjet Technologies is located in Franklin Georgia.

We provide waterjet cutting utilizing CAD drawings or dimensional

drawings to deliver a precision cut on standard or prototype parts. We

serve numerous industries and provide a cost effective and precise way

of cutting nearly any type of material.


We offer assistance to both large and small projects and are capable of

CAD drawing support. We look forward to assisting you in your design

and fabrication needs.


We work with businesses and industries of all sizes and welcome all

opportunities to earn your trust and deliver a product that exceeds

your expectations.


•  COST (less expensive than other cutting alternatives)

•  MATERIAL (material options are endless)

•  HEAT REDUCTION (Material remains strong after cutting without heat stress)

•  PROTOTYPE WORK (Excellent means for cutting prototypes)

•  ARTISTIC& FINE DETAIL (precision allows cuts for fine detail, etching, and artistic pieces)

•  ANGLES (ability to cut up to 60 degrees with bevelled edges)

•  CAD CAPABILITIES (able to accept, design, or recreate specialty work)

ACCURACY (+/-0.003)

TIME TO COMPLETE (fast turnaround)


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